Red Rock Photos: Blog en-us (C) Red Rock Photos (Red Rock Photos) Mon, 11 May 2015 17:29:00 GMT Mon, 11 May 2015 17:29:00 GMT Red Rock Photos: Blog 88 120 Arizona Pro Arte at BAHaus Studios (May 9, 2015) Arizona Pro Arte & BAHaus Studios Presents: Aspirations of Art

A fundraiser celebrating spring transformations an evening of artistic exploration:

-chamber music and dialog
-interactive dance
-poetry reading
-artist panel

Program for the evening:

Wind Quintet in g minor by Paul Taffanel
Artist Panel - Starting a New Piece (Featuring Mila Strugatsky, owner of BaHAUS Studios)
Schindler’s List Theme by John Williams (Artwork - Mila Strugatsky)
10 selections from 44 Duos for Two Violins by Béla Bartók
Myths and Legends by Eric Ewazen
Starting a New Piece - Studying and Rehearsing a New Work (Timothy Verville, Artistic Director and Conductor of Arizona Pro Arte)
Serenade in Eb Major, K. 375 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sextet for Brass in E-flat minor, Op. 30 by Oskar Boehme

Special thanks to the musicians & performers:

Leslie Lewis, flute
Laura Strickland, flute
Tiffany Pan, oboe
Linnea Wentworth, oboe
Carl Chivers, clarinet
Mary Jackson, clarinet
Joel Gilbert, French horn
Darren Robinson, French horn
Kristilyn Woods, bassoon
Brian McKee, bassoon
Josh Coffey, cornet
Garrett Klein, trumpet
Lexie Kruse, trumpet
Seth Bartschi, alto and tenor trombone
Leanne Hanson, tenor trombone
Garrett Haas, bass trombone
Richard Lillard, bass trombone
Jo Cleland, cello
Allyson Wuenschel, viola
Kirk Johnson, viola 
Jo Cleland, cello
Janine Ackerman, dance
Brad Speck, dance
Breona Conrad, actor
Timothy Verville, conductor
Janet Hoover, conductor

Additional thanks to:

Arizona Pro Arte Board of Directors
Kristilyn Woods, event coordinator
Leslie Lewis, reception
Prescott Winery

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